"Gambe and Partners is a leading full service commercial law firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe.The firm prides in its capabilities and is cognizant of the fact that the measure of success in legal services delivery is judged by the measure of client satisfaction. We measure this by degree and numbers of retainer of work, client renewals, referrals and feedback from clients."

  • Conveyancing

    This department deals with the i) Drafting and lodging of Transfer Deeds, bonds, deeds search, application for lost /defaced deeds, assisting in obtaining capital gains tax clearance and rates clearance certificates. ii) Drafting notarial deeds of trust, donation and change .. read more..
  • Corporate Law

    We are involved in drafing a number of agreements relating to various aspects of Commercial Law. We offer an excellent service in this field, which is run by an experienced legal practitioner who has handled many commercial transactions in the country in conjuction .. read more..
  • Litigation

    Civil procedure is the body of law that sets out the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits (as opposed to procedures in criminal law matters).This is the most common practice of law area. We attend to your needs when you have been arrested .. read more..


1. Conveyancing
2. Commercial Law
(i) Banking and Financial Legal Services
(ii) Legal Opinions
(iii) Drafting Contracts and Documents
(iv) Legal Agreements
(v) Debt Collection
3. Litigation
(i) Labour Law
(ii) Civil and Criminal Law